Pride & Productivity: How Indigenizing Product Development is Empowering Vietnam Manufacturing | Ravi Chunilal, General Mgr., Kiara Garments


Buying from Vietnam often involves dialogue with head offices in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong – and even Mainland China.


Very few foreign investment apparel manufacturers indigenize the actual sales and development tasks in Vietnam.  Part of this is due to difficulty in finding the right workers and part is a tradition of working with overseas offices.


Under the leadership of Ravi Chunilal, General Manager, Kiara Garments has embarked on a journey to change that.    Two years ago Kiara started with a Shanghai office with 30 people, and a Hanoi office with 8 people.


Today they have 20 people in their Shanghai office, and 54 people in their Hanoi office.


“We started with moving back end tasks to Vietnam, and realized that if given the proper exposure and training the work force here is more than capable to conduct the sales/development process. It hasn’t been an easy journey though – as we have had to trial and error with structures, process, cultures,” said Mr. Chunilal.


Come and listen to Ravi Chunilal share his vision of indigenizing his company’s sales/development locally, while also empowering his work force to tie a sense of pride from selling the production of their own country.


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