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Walmart Struggles to Grow Apparel Sales

Walmart Struggles to Grow Apparel Sales


Walmart Inc (USA) reported growing same-stores sales, however apparel was not amongst the growth categories.


The retailer has made a considerable investment in the apparel category (buying, but ultimately selling digital native brand Mod Cloth, as well as purchasing the Bonobos brand).


Still, groceries make up about 56% of Walmart's revenue.  That's troubling since margins on groceries are razor thin.


Here's a round up of Walmart's Q4 results:


  • Revenue climbed nearly 2 percent to $141.67 billion from $138.79 billion a year ago.

  • Same-store sales in the U.S. were up 1.9 percent, compared with 4.2% last year.

  • The average shopper’s ticket, however, grew 0.9 percent.

  • Online sales were up 35% percent during the fourth quarter.

  • Walmart will be stopping its text-to-order service called Jetblack, which has failed to be profitable.






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