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9 Denim Fabrics That are Bestsellers

9 Denim Fabrics That are Bestsellers


Horizon from Naveena (Pakistan) uses eco-lean dyeing that’s salt-free.

Price:  2.6-3.2/yd

MOQ:  8,000 yds



Susainable denim garments from FM Group (Mauritius).


Uses only lasers, ozone and is zero discharge.  Washing is completely automated and chemicals are auto-dosed to insure the minimum amount is used.  100% cotton.

Price:  $12-13/garment

MOQ:  2,000/pcs per style



20% stretch denim with a vintage look from Calik (Turkey). 


This is selling because comfort stretch continues to be in demand, but consumers also want vintage looking denim.  In 99% cotton/1% Lycra.

Price:  $5-7/yd.

MOQ:  3,000 yds



Light weight (8 oz) denim with an authentic look from Calik (Turkey). 


Buyers like this for summer collections because it isn’t as warm as regular denim.  In 82% cotton / 3% Lycra / 15% polyester

Price:  $5-7/yd.

MOQ:  3,000 yds



Traditional denim with a vintage marbled look is a bestseller for men at Black Peony (China).  In 100% cotton.

Price:  $3.5/yd

MOQ:  5,000 yds.




40% stretch denim with a vintage crosshatch look is a bestseller for men at Black Peony (China).  In cotton with elastane.

Price:  $3/yd

MOQ:  5,000 yds.




Stay Black fabric uses sustainable fibers Repreve and Modal.  There’s an 85% water savings because there’s no yarn dyeing (the color is introduced at the fiber level).  The fabric retains its true black color throughout the life of the garment.  From Cone Denim (USA)

Price: $4.5/yd

MOQ: 7,500 yds



Indigo is remains the top seller however a range of natural looking neutral colors is getting buyers’ attention.  At Cone Denim (USA) ecru, gray tones, khaki and tan are providing an important alternative – especially for spring/summer.



Denim that includes biodegradable (plant-based) polyester blended with cotton offers a sustainability story.  From Naveena (Pakistan)

Price:  $2.8-3.3 /yd

MOQ:  8,000/yd




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