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FASHCON 1:  The Event for Forward Thinking Supply Chain Execs

FASHCON 1: The Event for Forward Thinking Supply Chain Execs

There’s so much happening in our industry right now.  More than ever executives want to get a clear perspective – to sort out the hype from the facts.  People want answers – or at least a better industry perspective.


Announcing FASHCON 1, Inside Fashion’s long-awaited fashion industry conference. 


We’ll be bringing together leaders from throughout the supply chain to share their perspectives, innovations, and best practices.


Join us on March 22, 2019 at the Cordis Hotel in Mongkok, Kowloon for a day of learning, discussion, and networking.   


This is a great opportunity to discover new products, gain a better understanding of what’s working (and what’s not) for other companies, and catch up with friends and colleagues.


Core Conference Topics

  • Outlook for 2019 – key things we’ll be watching this year.
  • New Sustainable Materials – not only new developments, but products that will work for the mainstream consumer market.
  • New Shifts in Sourcing – countries that could be the next ‘rising stars’ for sourcing; 
  • The Next Phase for E-Commerce – a reality check on what the real opportunities – and obstacles – are now.
  • Digitize or Die – best practices and new solutions for moving towards greater automation of our supply chain.
  • Make It Faster, Better – and Affordable – innovations and best practices to shorten lead times and boost quality (while still keeping an eye on price!).



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