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Spinexpo Inspires the Modern Nomad

“We’re in a moment of transition.  The real creativity comes when times are difficult and people are forced to break out of their routines and try something new,” said Karine Van Tassel, Founder and Director of Spinexpo.

“Spinners are doing well because the US market is good, the European market is very good and the China domestic market is booming,” she said, commenting on the momentum that is lifting up the industry.

As in most sectors, sustainability and well-being are the focus of many collections, but they are more a marketing direction than a creative direction.  “People are adding eco-friendly and recycled yarns to their collections, but they can’t stand alone without other creativity,” Ms. Van Tassel told Inside Fashion.

To ensure that visitors to Spinexpo Shanghai have that all-important dose of inspiration, Ms. Van Tassel and her team are bringing new creative direction to the fair.


Globetrotting Fashion

At the core of their inspiration is what Ms. Van Tassel refers to as the ‘new nomad’.

“Today, you can be anywhere in the world and you can do your work from anywhere as long as you have your computer.  People now work from many unconventional places.

“What’s interesting that by working from different locations we are influenced and inspired by new things,” she said.

“The ‘new nomads’ are nomads by choice.  It’s a mixing of cultures and styles to make something that’s even richer,” said Ms. Van Tassel.

For the new season Spinexpo got into the skin of the new nomad and traveled to five key world destination

The first is Paris.  “At the moment there is quite a lot of creativity in Paris.  The political situation is good.  The economy is good, and French people feel good about the way the country is being managed.  So the atmosphere is cool and people are full of hope.  This is brings a lot of inspiration to fashion,” said Ms. Van Tassel.

The next stop is Iceland, because it’s a good place for knitwear.  “Not the Fair Isle knits, we’re looking for the modernism of Iceland.  They are doing some very interesting things in music and movies that can inspire us,” she said.

Peru is third, looking at its crafts and its mixing of colors. Here the Spinexpo teamed was looking for novelty and functionality in yarns.

Tokyo is next.  “We’re at looking styles that are inspired by extremely modern types of material use.  Something that is almost close to activewear yarns … very technical … sort of techni-fashion,” said Ms. Van Tassel.

Kalahari is the final stop.  “It is the place that has the oldest sign of crafts in Africa.  We are looking to see how a new nomad will adapt to this atmosphere to influence their wardrobe,” she explained.


A Mixed Media Experience

At Spinexpo Shanghai, the popular SpinExplore area will be more ‘happening’ with more mixed media and interactive displays.  It will be an exploration for the visitor.

“We have also found that socks have become a big trend for teenagers.  They are starting with socks and then building an outfit around them,” said Ms. Van Tassel.

Spinexpo will partner with a Dutch and a New Zealand socks maker to present some futuristic interpretations of socks.  Santoni will be making socks during the fair using yarns from some of the Spinexpo exhibitors.

As always, visitors to Spinexpo find themselves energized and enthusiastic for the coming season.  We expect that this season will not disappoint us.

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