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Premiere Vision NY: Market Gives New Venue a Big Thumbs Up!
 Exhibitors and visitors gave Premiere Vision New York a big thumbs up on its new venue. This session (January 21-22, 2020) saw the New York edition of the iconic Paris-based materials exhib...
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PV Paris: Moving Forward into Fashion
Fashion is back in fashion!  It’s the most promising sign for not only this season, but for all the coming seasons as well.  As brands have sadly learned, added function and sustainabi...
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Munich Fabric Start:  Fashion Gets a Reboot
Munich Fabric Start (Sept 3-5) kicked off the new season with a wealth of creative fabrics and trims.  Mills have provided designers will an abundance of materials from which to develop bestselli...
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Performance Days:  Function Seeks Fashion
The buzz has been about performance, but products won’t sell unless they score on style Performance properties get all of the hype, but increasingly, without a strong design element garment...
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