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Chan Leo Wins First Prize at 2019 Taiwan Fashion Design Awards


The "2019 Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA)" has been successfully initiated at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park at 4:00 pm on October 4th. Twelve young but promising designers selected from 366 participants from 7 countries worldwide were competing with each other by their creative and innovative designs in the finals. Chan Leo, the designer of the work “Wandervögel” was granted the First Prize and a reward of US$10,000. The two winners of Second Prizes were awarded to Kai-Lun Hung with the Work “The Matrix Simulacrum” and Yachin Lee with “visual illusion", each with a reward of US$5,000. The third prizes were divided into three categories, the Best Use of Fabrics, the Best Pattern Making, and the Best Market Potential awards were rewarded to Sandy Wu, Frida Liu, and Chun-Yuan Jean respectively, each with a reward of US$3,000.


Twelve Young and Talented Designers’ Creative Collections Commended by International Jury Committee

Organized by Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), the TFDA is entering its 33rd anniversary this year. In order to accelerate the expansion of Taiwan’s international macro design energy and vision, since 2013, overseas students and young designers were encouraged to participate in this competition. This year the collaboration of TFDA and Taipei Fashion Week presents talented designers’ creativity also shows that the potential of Taipei as a rising star in the Asian fashion industry.


Professionals in the fashion industry, from around the world, have been invited to serve as judges for the TFDA. This year’s jury is composed by 6 influential professionals who are renowned in international fashion world, including Valéria Bessolo LLopiz, SVP and International Director of ELLE, Jane Singer, Inside Fashion Managing Director, the Taiwanese designer Stephane Dou, Tomonori Matsui, ONE O Ltd. CEO, TAIWAN ITOKIN Planning Director, Tada Yuki, and Charlotte Chiang, Director of TTF’s Design Department.


In order to encourage participants to focus on global environmental and ecological issues for promoting sustainable fashion and observe current social and cultural status in depth, the competition put emphasis on the three aspects as “sustainability” “functionality” and “performance”. This year’s final gathered 12 participants from Taiwan, Canada and Mainland China; their works presented their perspectives of state-of-the-art technology and the observation of natural environment, the insight into cultural and social movement to encourage the young generation pursuing their dreams and make it come true. On the design perspective, this year’s participants focus on developing multi-way styling designs and minimal silhouette, removing unnecessary decoration and simplifying the process to let viewers appreciate the delicate textures and patterns on fabrics. 


  Taiwanese Textile Industry Dedicated to Support Young Fashion Designers

Since 1987, TFDA has become a platform for fashion design oriented companies to discover potential talents. Most winners continue to blossom in the industry, and they are to become potential forces that cultivates the development of textile and apparel industry. In order to encourage students to enter into the textile and fashion industry, the industry elites have also been extremely supportive of TFDA activities. 


To motivate students to join the industry, many enterprises and organizations are proactively sponsoring the Award. This year, with strong sponsorship of companies such as CODDY Global Ltd., Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, and ECLAT Education Foundation, together they contributed to the total prize US$35,000. The prize for the top winner was US$10,000, US$5, 000 each for the two second prizes, and US$3,000 each for the best use of fabrics, best pattern making and best market potential winners; except for the top six winners, the other 6 finalists were also each granted a US$1,000 prize as an encouragement for their performance. One of the finalists will be chose and provided by Evertex Fabrinology Ltd. with one return flight ticket to visit ISPO Munich Trade Show or Premiere Vision Paris to learn and understand the industry in depth. Chang Hwa Bank and Taiwan Cooperative Bank who supported the audio and lighting equipment to build TFDA glamorous venue. Today’s 12 finalist collections will be presented at warehouse 2, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park until October 9th.


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