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Crystal Group 1st Mfg to Partner with Better Work

Crystal International Group Limited has long been striving to create better working conditions for garment workers, lead sound labour practices and initiate employee care projects related to Industrial Relations.


In December 2019, Crystal International became the 1st manufacturer to enter a partnership agreement with Better Work, which is a collaboration between the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). This partnership is dedicated to improving working conditions in the factories and boosting business competitiveness in global apparel supply chains.


By partnering with Better Work, Crystal International will play a significant role in representing manufacturers of the industry, sharing market information, and commenting on the industry’s practices. Better Work will offer Crystal International various services, including advisory, assessments and training, to provide guidance on how to further improve workplace conditions and labours’ welfare in corporate level. To date, Crystal’s factories in Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh have participated in the projects organized by Better Work in respective countries. In particular, the knits factory in Vietnam was even recognised as “High Performance Factory” by Better Work Vietnam in January, in recognition of its sustained high level of performance across compliance, management systems, learning and dialogue.


Commenting on this partnership, Ms. Catherine Chiu, General Manager of Corporate Quality and Sustainability Department of Crystal International, stated “We are committed to upholding international and national labour standards, and caring about the welfare of our garment workers.


As a pioneer in the industry, we are proud to be the first manufacturer partnering with ILO to work on long-term commitment and drive positive change.


We look forward to participating actively as the voice of manufacturer in the program and at the same time, gaining advices from Better Work for elevating the level of compliance and improving our Industrial Relations.”


Crystal International will continuously join hands with Better Work to advance the labour practices in the workplace, leading to a better working environment in the factories and high productivity of the workers.

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